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Ruby is a doll made from a perfect combination of natural rubber and soft fabric, stimulates sense of touch, and encourages sensory exploration.
Age: Suitable from Birth
Size: 25cm

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Bonikka Ruby doll have soft bodies and natural rubber heads, encouraging tactile development while being soft and cuddly for newborns.

Ruby in pyjamas is 25cm tall and wears a sweet nightcap and a pretty pair of pyjamas, just ready for a good nights sleep. Her companion will be able to discuss dreams and plans for the day once they have woken up. She will make a perfect unique gift and will be kept to be handed down the generations.

Made in Sri Lanka, these dolls are a unique design, combining natural, quality materials and commitment to the environment. Ruby dolls use only natural rubber, a resource that is biodegradable, durable and 100% eco-friendly. The toys are designed to meet children’s physical and and emotional development. They are ethically sourced and use sustainable production.

Size: 25cm
Age: Suitable from birth
Country of Origin: Sri Lanka