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Rag Doll Betsy is one to the original rag dolls sold by Imajo and has been popular for years. A real character and a great sense of fun!

Age: Suitable from Birth
Size: 37cm
Made in Indonesia

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There are some lines which have decided to discontinue.  Our pick-pack service charge per individual doll and so in many cases, it is impossible for us to sell at a massive discount unless we can sell them in full boxes.

Therefore we are offering a 75% discount if you buy a full box.

Why not put together a very special offer and create an opportunity not to be missed for your customers?

Please note,  the offer will no longer be available as soon as the last full box is gone.   So please don’t miss out.

Usual Price: £7.90 each
Box contains 25 dolls
Box Price £48

Rag Doll Betsy is a quiet character yet full of wit. She won’t be the leader of any antics but she’ll always be involved somewhere, making sure that things don’t get too out of hand. You can rely on Betsy to smooth things over if necessary, as she has a charmful and endearing nature. Her friends rely on her and know that her loyalty in unquestionable. A perfect best friend when a little calming is needed.

Betsy wears a colourful combination with a spotted pink pinafore dress and her favourite yellow stripey tights. Her fair hair is plaited in pigtails.

Size: 37cm
Age: Suitable from birth
Made in Indonesia

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