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New Arrivals – Molly and Jack

NEW IN STOCK - Meet Molly and Jack Meet Molly, she's our brand new doll recently arrived, perfect timing for Christmas sales. Size: 35cm RRP: £18.99 And also meet Jack, it's so great to have a boy doll in the collection now! Size: 35cm RRP: £18.99

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New website

We have just updated our website to a new platform.    We have some new features and will be adding more as we continue to build it. If you place your orders though the website, please note that while we brought your account over, we were unable to maintain your password because they were encrypted. [...]

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New Bonikka Dolls arriving this week!

This is Maddy.   She is one of 15 new dolls we have arriving this week.    If you placed your order at Harrogate, we'll be getting your dolls to you as soon as we can.   For those of you unable to visit Harrogate, please come and see her and all the others at [...]

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Our new Sales Team

We’ve been busy over the last few weeks recruiting a sales team to cover UK.   We welcome our new team with high hopes they’ll make a great success of selling our gorgeous dolls.  It’s a really exciting time for us and is much better for our customers as we can be there to answer [...]

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Clearance – 60% Off

We still have the last remaining lines on clearance, now at an amazing 60% off.   Stock levels vary with some at very low levels.   Don’t miss out on your old favourites – this is your last chance  

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June Offer – 15% off Sunshine dolls

We love June.  Although the weather right now isn’t great, we have heard rumours that it is going to brighten up lots.    We like to be optimistic so let’s hope that we’ll be enjoying some pleasant sunshine over the next few weeks.   Our four pretty friends the Sunshine Dolls, couldn’t agree with us more and [...]

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May Offer – 10% off bridal rag dolls

It’s a beautiful time of year to be getting married.   With Spring heading into Summer, the weather can be just perfect.   So, it is of no great surprise that May is historically the best month for sales of our Anisa bridal rag dolls.    The fair hair has always been most popular, closely followed by her [...]

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Bonikka – new arrivals

Please meet the gorgeous girly new dolls from Bonikka.   The Powder Puffs have just arrived and are keen to be given new homes.   Scarlett, Skye and Iris are the first new dolls for 2015.   We think they will prove just as popular as all our other dolls and will look fabulous on [...]

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Easter Sale

We have some Spring in our step!   To celebrate our positive mood, we are having a one-off Pre-Easter sale.    Save up to 25% across our full range.   Everything is on offer.  Bonikka Rag Dolls – Save 15% Anisa Rag Dolls – Save 20% Bebi Knitted Toys – Save 25% Sale ends at  5pm on [...]

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