Ethical Policy

Traditional Rag Dolls

Our traditional rag dolls are made in Sri Lanka.

A few facts:

  • No children are employed
  • The factory employs 75 full time workers
  • Employees are paid 10% more than the minimum wage for garment factory workers stipulated by the Sri Lanka government labour department
  • Employees are also paid a living allowance, travel allowance and attendance allowance
  • Purified bottled drinking water is provided free of charge
  • Tea is provided free of charge
  • The factory has an employee canteen area
  • The factory is fully furnished with tiled floors and toilet facilities
  • Standard 44.5 hour week (8 hours Mon-Fri, 4.5 hours Saturday)
  • Employees are granted paid annual leave and all public holidays are respected, including any religious holidays
  • All female workers receive paid maternity leave and have the right to return
  • Employees are taken on a two day paid company trip every year
  • Less able people are employed

Supporting the local economy is something we strongly believe in. Wherever possible, raw materials are bought locally. This can mean that sometimes the finished items may vary slightly from the photographs on this website. We think this add to the charm and unique nature of our products.


* Sri Lanka Export Development Board
* Founder Member of the Toy & Craft Exporters’ Association Sri Lanka
* Member of the Women’s Chamber of Industry & Commerce Sri Lanka
* Member of National Chamber of Exporters Sri Lanka

Knitted Toys

Made in Sri Lanka


  • No child or forced labour.  
  • Each employee is a part of the company family and treated as such. 
  • Employee assent is seen as a rise in the strength of the organisation. 
  • The development of individual skills is encouraged.
  • A culture of leading by example is cultivated.
  • Reasonable working hours are maintained.
  • Sustaining a humane working environment is seen as imperative (see also safety notes).
  • Discrimination of any form is strictly prohibited.
  • Fire systems, equipment and alarms are regularly maintained.
  • Timely drills are carried out for emergency evacuations.
  • Electrical equipment and wiring are under strict compliance with government/Ceylon Electricity Board regulations.
  • Entrances and pathways are kept clutter-free.
  • Proper lighting, air circulation and workspace maintenance are ensured to create a comfortable work environment.
Pay and Welfare
  • Strict adherence to state/BOI standards and compliances, often surpassing government sanctioned regulations.
  • Wages are above the government stipulated minimum.
  • Both breakfast and lunch are provided.
  • Dining rooms, changing rooms and sanitary facilities are well-maintained.
  • Drinking water is available at all times.
  • A stress-free and enjoyable work atmosphere is encouraged.
  • First-aid facilities are provided, along with sick rooms and in-house nursing.
  • Does not engage in in-house fabric dyeing so toxic washouts are not an issue.
  • Wastewater, garbage disposal and water quality are maintained in strict accordance with government standards.
  • The Environmental Protection License (EPL) is an annually renewable licence awarded by the BOI to companies that adhere to certain standards in several respects, including:
    • Noise levels in machinery and other equipment
    • Health and safety equipment checkups
    • Solid and liquid waste disposal
    • Drinking water report in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO)


  • Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) is a non-profit organisation for businesses engaged in continuous improvement of the ethical and responsible practices of their supply chains.
  • Garments without Guilt is as initative of The Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters association recognising, respecting and protecting the rights of labourers in the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry. GWG certification is based on ethical working conditions and an environment free from child labour, forced labour, sweatshop practices or discrimination on any grounds.
  • OMEGA Compliance Limited is a specialist auditing and inspection company offering a full spectrum of social and ethical compliance, supply chain security and quality inspection services. OMEGA' s core compliance checks can be divided into the following categories:
    • Supply Chain Security (C-TPAT)
    • Social Compliance
    • Quality Assurance Inspections
    • Factory Technical Audits
    • Information Management

Play Dolls

Our play dolls are made in a well managed factory in China.   We use a specialist company to visit the factory and carry out an inspection every time we have a shipment.

Crochet Toys

Our crochet toys are all done entirely by hand in Thailand. The supplier is part of a Thai governmment project to support the community goods called OTOP - One Tambon One Product (A Tambon is a village). It helps traditional Thai handicraft business in small villages to promote their products by giving assistance on quality, internet technology and communications. Most employees are housewives, soldiers' wives and agricultural workers in rural areas.

Classic Softies

Made with certified organic cotton in Sri Lanka.   Also see details for Knitted Toys.


We deliberately keep our packaging down to a minimum. Most of our products simply come in a protective bag. Where a gift box is used, it is made from 100% recycled cardboard.

We try to reuse all our packing boxes wherever practical. Where this is not possible, our standard delivery boxes are 100% recyclable. Any old boxes which are no longer usable are sent for recycling.


We try to plan and manage our stock so that we have as few shipments as possible and always use sea freight. All shipments are docked at Southampton, which is approximately 20 miles from our office, ensuring that the road transport impact is kept to an absolute minimum.


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