Anisa rag doll Rosanne

Anisa Rag Dolls

Looking for a new best friend

Anisa Rag Dolls

High in the popularity stakes, these girls will become new best friends.   The simple design is timeless and these dolls are loved wherever they go.

Knitted Monkey

Bebi Soft Toys

Waiting for a comforting cuddle!

Bebi Soft Toys

Lovely colours and cute faces. No-one can resist these knitted toys. A true traditional look that will ensure all those cuddles are always special.

Bonikka Collection

Stands the test of time

Bonikka Collection

Bonikka rag dolls are inspired from a gift from a Father to his daughter and handed down the generations. Designed to stand the test of time.



Molly and Jack are new for 2016.   What a gorgeous pair they are!   It’s great to have a boy in the Bonikka collection after customer requests and we think Molly will appeal to anyone who loves a pretty red head!
(Due in stock early August)


ImajoAdorabale Toys to be loved and cherished!